Ease of Use is a small project from Haley and Jan that explores the intersection of accessibility, usability, product design, and front-end engineering. Each week we share a few links and go a bit more in-depth about a topic. We're just starting to get a newsletter on Substack running and we're figuring out this whole podcasting thing.

Ease of Use — Coming soon

A quick introduction to Ease of Use and those behind it

Hey! We're excited to soft launch our mini project exploring concepts around usability, accessibility, product design and front-end development. We'll be sharing blogs and articles we come across, and will be diving deeper in some of them.

Sometimes we'll also dive deeper with design and code implementations of some of the ideas we come across. One day we might even try our hand at this podcast thing, so we'll see.

If you have any topic requests or feedback, please @ us on twitter at @yawnxyz and/or @haley_barlar